Camouflage 1, (a) and (b), Installation View
Camouflage 1, (a) and (b), Installation View, New Residence of the Dutch Ambassador in Islamabad

In a world dominated by constant security threats, the Home is a space that is sacred and precious to many, a place to be protected and secure. From the Diplomatic Enclave in Islamabad to the local streets of Lahore, all domestic spaces employ certain methods of security against the outside public. These security measures, however, do not escape local cultural aesthetics. Characterized through the use of excessive colors and patterns, and a general chaos of materials, electric wires, greenery, lazy hacks and advertisement posters, they act as camouflage and a distraction from the grim reality of imminent danger

Camouflage is a collaborative project featuring Unum Babar, for an exhibition marking the inauguration of the New Residence of the Dutch Ambassador in Islamabad. Coming from two very different backgrounds, we took the idea of this hyper-secure residence as a chance to look at the domestic defense mechanisms of homes in Pakistan from two opposing perspectives; as a Lahori who celebrates the chaos of the streets, the organic growth of the city and its street culture, and the plants used as a decorative device, and as an American who is tempted to bring some order to this chaos in a futuristic vision of a more sterile Lahori landscape.

Before starting work; walking the streets, documenting gates, thinking about home and security.

Site – New Residence of the Dutch Ambassador in Islamabad


Installation View