Reading Between the Lines

Reading Between the Lines, Many Studios, Glasgow, Scotland

This collaborative work, made during a one-month residency in Glasgow with Unum Babar, is a reading of the city as outsiders and tells a particular story of nostalgia, consumerism, and perceptions of social and physical order through architecture, color, material and photography. It draws upon our personal intercultural relationship and the differences with which we, as a Pakistani woman and an American man, understand the world. Our observations of the nuances of the city were made following a repetitive, daily commute to the studio situated in the historic Barras Market. By abstracting repeated color schemes and recreating existing surfaces, we have directed attention to the uniformity and noiselessness of the city of Glasgow in direct contrast to the chaos of Lahore. This intersection is explored within three major themes: nature, objects and architecture as well as through traditional and new media, and highlights the thin line between nostalgia and reality.

Documentation of Reading Between the Lines at Many Studios, Glasgow, Scotland