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I am an American artist and educator living in Daytona Beach, Florida USA.

Working in photography, video, and installation, I use the camera to document real and constructed versions of the everyday on the street and in the studio to explore truth and representation, muslim cultural identity, and the collective memory of the eastern world.

Drawing on similar themes, I also collaborate with my wife Unum Babar on site-specific projects related to the city, nature, and urban life.

In the classroom, I establish hybrid modes of learning that help students form independent connections between theory and practice, the self and the Other, past and present identities, and digital and analog processes.

Stimulating these various entry points of my practice are questions that relate to the ideological discord between eastern and western culture, the friction between local and global narratives, and the ironies and contradictions that manifest in everyday life.
Matt Kushan, Unum Babar, and Laaléh Rose Kushan

Selected Projects

Teaching Practice

Drawing from my studio practice, I have developed and taught a range of courses involving photography in the expanded field, video, installation, creative coding, and design to a range of individuals working in art, design, and technology. The theoretical backbone of these courses are driven by an interest in issues surrounding post-internet culture, colonialism and orientalism, race, gender, and identity, language and aesthetics, and private and public life.


BorderLine is an independent creative collaborative practice, consultancy and digital shop focusing on the production of images, films and objects inspired by popular culture and the everyday. This interdisciplinary commercial-centric practice attempts to confront issues surrounding mainstream aesthetics and representation in art, fashion, and photography by tactfully incorporating unusual approaches to conceptualizing and creating new stories and ideas.